Who we are

Lejeleje.com is a classified website that provides a platform for Africans to advertise their products, services and businesses to other Africans living in the diaspora, or in different regions of Africa. 

The term "Lejeleje", is commonly used by South Sudanese, to mean entrepreneurship or startups or to "hustle". It is a word that has stood for self reliance and for community, as well as for the individual with a dream.Lejeleje.com brings together individuals and businesses from far places as Australia, to South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, or many other regions of Africa. Lejeleje helps connect Africans in the diaspora, with those back home. 

Lejeleje brings the communal spirit of the African market, and integrates it with an online market. 

Lejeleje's mission is defined by 3 words: Interchange, Interconnect, and Diversify - words that bring out the true spirit of the African market.